Before getting started:

  1. What to wear? 
    Wear an unpadded undergarment, and take your measurements either directly on your skin or while wearing a light garment (i.e a thin tank top). When wearing thin clothes, you ensure that your measurements are as true to your natural body as possible without adding any extra bulk. 

  2. How to best measure
    When taking your measurements, ensure that you are relaxed and natural. Do not take your measurements too tightly.

    When taking your measurements yourself, one tip would be to fasten a tape around your bust and waist, ensuring that the tape is parallel with the floor and is straight all the way around. This way, you can align your measuring band with the tape when taking your measurements, while eliminating the worry of your measurements coming out wrong. Ideally, acquire the help of a friend to help you double check that your tape is straight, to avoid any mistakes

  3. Double check your measurements!
    We can only make your perfect fit when your measurements are as correct as possible. Therefore, double check that your measurements are correct before adding them to your order.

Now to measuring:

  1. What measurements are needed? 

    For your stays or corsets, we need to know your natural waist and bust. For the waist corset, the underbust is also needed. Additionally, if you are particularly short or tall, this should also be included alongside your measurements in the check-out personalisation box.

  2. Measuring your bust

    Your bust should be measured at the fullest point of your breast, when wearing an unpadded garment. This is usually at the same point as that of your nipples. Ensure that the tape is parallel with the floor, all the way around. Ideally ask a friend or use a mirror to double check. If using the tape method mentioned above, it can further help guide you to straight and correct measurements.

  3. Measuring your underbust
    Your underbust is the area directly under your bust. This is usually where your bra band would sit. Like when measuring your bust, this should be parallel to the floor and can be double checked by the aid of a friend, mirror or the tape method.

  4. Measuring your waist
    Find your natural waist by bending from side to side. The point where your waist creases is your natural waist - usually situated right above your belly button. Like when measuring your bust and underbust, this should be parallel to the floor and can be double checked by the aid of a friend, mirror or the tape method.


Submitting your measurements:

Well done - now you are one step closer to your perfect stays! Remember that your stays or corset will naturally be smaller than your size, in order to hold you in. Therefore, give us your true measurements - with no subtraction or change - and we can make the perfect fit you. If you want a "gap" in the front of your stays, mention this at your check-out. We recommend the gap in front of the stays for those who want to wear their stays tighter, as stays that lace completely shut have a lesser negative ease. Do not alter your measurements for this. Do keep in mind that some bodies are naturally more "squishy" than others, and the amount of gap in your final product may vary depending on how tight you want to wear your stays and to what degree your body accommodates this.

Add your final measurement details in the personalisation box of the check out page, and you are all done!